In which the Title is Explained and the Game is Afoot

“Thou hast the most unsavory similes; and art, indeed, the most comparative, rascalliest, sweet young prince”

Why Madcap Prince—

The madcap prince, the real one— or more widely known one, was Henry V.

In Shakespeare’s version of his life, starting in Henry IV Part I, he is known as Prince Hal— something of a playboy prince. I’m not royalty, nor am I a playboy, but my friends do call me Hal. So when I first read Henry IV Part I, I felt a bit of a kinship to our sweet Prince. He is, after all is said and done, a good boy who probably would have been a great king had he not met an untimely death.

The dictionary definition of “madcap” is “foolish” or “silly”. But Shakespeare doesn’t actually refer to Prince Hal by this term— it’s applied to him later. This is primarily because, in my mind, Shakespeare doesn’t think Prince Hal is silly. Lazy, perhaps, at the beginning— rebellious, self absorbed even— but not silly. Our hero prince is merely different from previous kings and given that that there are a bunch of Henrys lying around in Shakespeare’s Henriad, different from other Henrys. He becomes a bold, cunning leader. It’s simply that he takes his own path, and his own sweet time, to get there.

So, really, why madcap?

As I noted before, I feel a kinship to Prince Hal. He marched to the beat of his own drum (granted that drum led him to war with France as is the fate of so many British Monarchs), as I strive to. He was a leader; even when he didn’t recognize it- and I would much rather lead than follow. He was a muse for Shakespeare, which, let’s be honest, sounds like the prefect gig. He overcame a ton of stuff— his father’s exile, the fact that he wasn’t really raised to be king, an arrow to the face. To sum up, Hal ruled. Leave out the bit about dying at 35 and Prince Hal makes a good role model. Sure, he does start a needless war, but nobody’s perfect.

So what is this about?

This is about the development of another Madcap Hal— one who won’t become a monarch, but still holds on to the possibility of being someone’s muse. This is about a space to develop my interests, to showcase some work and to occasionally let my freak flag fly (it’s loosely based on Edwards III’s design, but a bit different).

What you will find here:

A bit of this and a tad of that— some photography, some beauty, some history, and hopefully some inspiration.

You’ll find some reviews: books, films, and products, maybe even people. You might come across some travel bits. There may be odes to manatees, the unsung heroes of the sea. To be honest, I’m being a bit vague because content is yet to be determined.

What you will NOT find here:

Arts and Crafts… I am not William Morris. You probably won’t find any advice although I do have the tendency to be a bit high and mighty, so don’t hold your breath. You won’t find tips on how to stage a room or how to host an eight-course dinner. Who wants eight dinner courses anyways? You won’t see real fashion models but you will probably see lots of pictures of my husband, who is my favorite model.


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