Inveraray Castle

Last June my husband and I went to Scotland. We ended up on a bus tour that stopped at a bunch of highlight spots in Scotland. This was perfect and I would highly recommend Gray Line Tours if you are in Edinburgh and have a day to see other areas in Scotland. P1040380

One of the places we ended up was Inveraray Castle, which is a Downton Abbey filming location and a gorgeous place. The state rooms are really nice but the gardens are the real gem. I particularly loved the wall paper in the upstairs hall— Thistles!


Construction on the castle started in the 1750’s and it sits on one of the largest sea lochs in Scotland (of course, because there aren’t lochs anyplace else!)


The Duke and his family still live in the castle but obviously it is open to visitors. P1040390

If you want to book a trip, the castle is open from 25th March – 31st October. That gives you plenty of time to plan— use your summer vacation time in Scotland this year.

You can visit the castle website for more information:

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