Covet List- Furniture

I don’t have a house, and being a twenty something with a master’s degree and all the student loans that go with it, it won’t happen anytime soon. This doesn’t stop me from consistently telling my husband to remember all these things I want to have in my house. This week’s Covet List is furniture, most of which is probably too big for an apartment and too expensive for us anyways. Nonetheless, we can dream.

1) Industrial clothes rack

industrial wardrobeLately I have fallen in love with oversized, simple, industrial furniture. I love the “clean” lines, I love the coolness of the metal, I love the masculine feel to it. I think this is a great way to make an older home feel more modern or add character to a newer home (which sadly lack the weird little details of older homes).

2) Industrial coffee table

industrial coffee tableAgain, with the industrial pieces. This probably isn’t a great piece if you have kids, but for singles and doubles it’s pretty cool. I keep books in literally every room so the shelf space underneath is pretty important to me. A coffee table with no shelf is not a functional piece for me. This reminds me of the photo of construction workers eating lunch in 1932. It has that sort of strength that I like to be surrounded by. This is the coffee table equivalent of your granddad.rockefeller-beam-workers-lunch-construction

3) Reclaimed Wood Mirror

mirrorI love a big mirror— none of this “half-mirror-in-the-bathroom” stuff for me. I really like the idea of having a mirror that is the focal point in a room. This mirror would work really well with the industrial clothing rack above— they echo each other in style.

4) Art Deco Wallpaper

art deco wallpaperI struggle to fit my styles together. It really depends on the day what I am interested in. It’s probably a good thing I don’t have to decorate a house right now! I love this wallpaper. I like the idea of a “moody” bathroom, because while I like a bright white bathroom, I feel like a little dark in a bathroom makes for better nighttime relaxing baths. I love black and white— it’s modern and balanced. The simple colors keep this room from feeling dated, but the throw back wallpaper has so much character. This wallpaper has the feel of an F. Scott Fitzgerald Novel woman— strong and sassy with a sensitive side.

5) To go with the black and white wallpaper— Art Deco Hardware. I love the feel of really old doorknobs. They have a particular resistance when they turn, it makes one consider their entry into a room. I like the idea that an old doorknob is like a butler— it announces your entry and gives you a moment to adjust your posture before entering. Old hardware gives a house class.door knob


I’m not sure how these pieces would work together but I’ll have plenty of time to reconcile them. I think it is important to pick pieces that you love and that speak to you. Each of these pieces do that for me.


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