Bar Harbor For the Day

Yesterday we spent the day in Bar Harbor. As this is mostly a summer town, where people vacation and the townies are all in tourism, most of the shops were closed, and there were very few people. It made for a nice quiet day; we walked the shore path and around the town.

We ended up in a cafe called Choco-latte, which was rather busy. There wasn’t anything on the menu for gluten free digs, so I just had the house special  Chocolatte (don’t ask me what was in it), which was very filling and delicious. It was a cold day; there were plenty of locals and even what appeared to be a literal first day, a couple of teenagers who probably weren’t even old enough to drive themselves! There is something simultaneously creepy and refreshing about a town that shuts down for the winter. It makes for a departure from the constant exposure to people, that’s for sure. By the time July rolls around, the empty streets will be packed with people. It’s almost like a hibernation, another local custom.

One of the only places open was a bookstore, which claimed to be the oldest bookstore in Maine— the Sherman. It had the small, cramped style that many small town bookstores have, but without the musty smell. I found a copy of Pigs Can’t Swimwhich is a very good read. I ended up going home with a book called By the Book which is collection of essays by famous writers. We plan on taking a trip back in the summer to go into the shops whose windows we have peaked through.




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