Meet and Greet

Of course, for comfort, it is important to identify yourself. It sets the audience at ease. So, here goes an introduction:

I’m twenty something, married, writer, and lover of adventures.P1040090

I’m an avid reader and love talking about literature, high quality or junk food novels (which still have great value).

I grew up in Maine (U.S.A for any international audience members), way out in the country.

I quit school as a teenager and educated myself for my high school years. If you have questions about homeschooling for high school feel free to leave a comment.

I attended the University of Maine at Farmington as a Political Science major. It took me forever— right up to the last second— to pick a discipline. My advisor was begging me to just pick something! I was happy in politics, although I concentrated more on historical politics and philosophy rather than modern policies. History is my real love but UMF’s history program isn’t great, so I went with Poli Sci.

I also have a Master’s in Communication and Media Practice. My long term goal is to make historical and political documentaries and to write about history. I wrote my dissertation on women’s communication during the Reformation Period in Europe. I know that sounds boring, but I really loved it! I was lucky enough to study at Swansea University in Wales. Wales is gorgeous and I miss it everyday.P1050368

I was able to travel a bit while studying- Paris (I sadly didn’t venture any further into France), Scotland, and quite a bit of England. I love traveling and hope that more of these posts will be about adventures I’m off experiencing!

Currently I’m in an in between stages— changes coming soon.



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